Evolution of a Tardigrade

3-D printed TardigradeThis article is well written and makes a complex ascpect of tardigrades easily understood.



Newly Sequenced Tardigrade Genome Discovery

A great article on the newest tardigrade discovery.

See article here

Hypsibius dujardini. Image: Willow Gabriel and Bob Goldstein/Wikimedia Commons




NY TIMES Tardigrade Article

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Here is an excerpt:

Another tardigrade enthusiast, Michael W. Shaw of Richmond, Va., got interested in them more than a decade ago when he was helping his two daughters with school science projects. Though he knew nothing about tardigrades — his degree was in fine arts — he ended up taking microscopes into his daughters’ classes to spread the word about the fascinating creatures.

Later, he made his own contribution to the scientific literature. “I read a paper about tardigrades showing where they were in the U.S., and New Jersey, where we were living at the time, had a zero,” he said.

Mr. Shaw, who was living then in Somerset, decided to visit every one of the 21 counties in New Jersey and sample lichen and tree bark, two microenvironments hospitable to tardigrades. Between 2001 and 2009, he said, “I went to rural and urban sites, parking lots, nature preserves, anywhere. I found them in every county.”

His family thought his obsession was “strange,” he said, but the work, which he completed with the help of Dr. William Miller, a tardigrade expert at Baker University in Kansas, was published in The Journal of the New York Microscopical Society.

Then Vice did a video about Mr. Shaw.

Link here…

Soon new fans were arguing online about whether tardigrades came from outer space (an idea Mr. Shaw does not rule out) and how — or even if — they evolved.

Eventually, the work turned into two books Mr. Shaw has self-published — “Tardigrade Quiz and Fact Book” (Fresh Squeezed Publishing, 2014) and “Tardigrade Science Project Book” (Fresh Squeezed Publishing, 2011). Both discuss tardigrades and explain how young naturalists can gather specimens, make slides and otherwise dive into their snouty, eight-legged world.


Today Mr. Shaw’s tardigrade guides are selling slowly but steadily (typical reader comment: “Love those tardigrades!”), and he has done another guide for microscope hobbyists.


Tardigrade Chair

Tardigrade Chair in Amsterdam

Tardigrade Chair in Amsterdam

Think of it. Now you can hug a tardigrade (or sit on his lap)!

Tardigrade Chair



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Space Bear Hunter on Brasilian TV GLOBO

See me on FANTASTICO TV Globo Brasil Sunday 04JAN15 all about tardigrades. 20:45 Brasilia time. Let me know your comments.

See the clip of my interview portion of the show. CLICK HERE

TVGlobo-W Felipe Satana


Interview with Felipe Santana.  Click the picture for the full Tardigrade Segment of the show from the Globo website.

You can see the full Tardigrade Episode if you CLICK HERE

You can READ the Episode transcription if you CLICK HERE

The Text in English in my interview is as follows:

What tardigrades show is that it is at least possible that life survive space travel,” says writer Mike Shaw.

Mike Shaw has written three books on the tardigrades. It is a curious American, he seeks the evidence alone.

Builds upon a well-known scientific theory, called panspermia. According to this theory, life came from space.

If you believe that tardigrades came from space, as some think, then you could say that all life came from space,” said Mike Shaw.

Fantastico is the most watched show on Brazilian television on Sunday since its debut.  A survey by TV Globo in 2012 pointed out that the program was watched by 13 million views, with 23 rating points.



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3-D printed Tardigrade


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