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Bunny Rabbit

We found this baby rabbit in our yard when my kids were little.

bunny 005 bunny 007 Bunny-enh


After a day or two, we saw his mommy in the yard, and put him out there with her.  The two of them hopped away living happily ever after.  (I took a sample of his hair using a piece of sticky tape.  See my page on “hair” under the microscope.)


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Tardigrade Facebook Page Here is a cool Facebook page with everything tardigrade! Enjoy ! Mike Shaw The Space Bear Hunter


New Tardigrade Species Found in Antarctica

Here is news about a new tardigrade species found in Antarctica.


Click Here – Antarctica Article


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Tardigrade Quiz and Fact Book – New ! Other books revised.

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From Nat Geo – great animation of a tardigrade



PBS New Video Featuring the Tardigrade Hunter !

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My Scientific Paper has been published

Just came out in the October 2013 newsletter of the New York Microscopical Society. You can download it here… Thanks! Mike


Project Stratobear

Looks like my name is attached to the project…
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Please check out the website (link above) and lend your support to determine if tardigrades did or did not come from outer space.

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Where Can I Buy Tardigrades?

People often ask me where to buy tardigrades.
Here are two sources:

I haven’t purchased from them before, because I find my own. After all, I am the “Space Bear Hunter,” officially dubbed in the below video. But you may want to fore-go the risk of ticks and hanging inchworms.