Tardigrade Quiz and Fact Book – New ! Other books revised.

My Tardigrade Quiz Book is out – BRAND NEW !!


Once you get the book, you use the links within the book to guess answers.  See how you like this new format of guessing game style book. 


Then go to Amazon, and write a review. That would be much appreciated.

Tardigrade Quiz and Game Book

Thank you for your support!

Please email me any suggestions or correction: mike@mikeshawtoday.com


I’ve revised my two books on Amazon Kindle ! Click on the book covers to download the books on Amazon.  AND – now in paperback too.  Visit my author page:  www.amazon.com/author/mikeshaw247



If you like them, please write a review in Amazon.  That is always much appreciated.



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Mike Shaw can be described as a naturalist in the classical sense. His contribution to Science is a by-product of his love for exploring the natural world. Having participated in a chimpanzee rehabilitation project in West Africa, he later travelled to the Amazon to study paper and pulp production as it relates to deforestation. Travelling to the observatory at Arecibo, he has done contributing research on their S.E.T.I. project. He is the author of books on microscope filters, tardigrades, and educational game books. He also conducted research on the tardigrade population in the state of New Jersey. His scientific paper was published in October 2013.


  1. cathy utterback on April 4, 2014 at 2:34 pm said:

    Hi Mike I would love to get your new quiz book but cannot download..can you send it to me via email like you did for me with the other one? Let me know via a FB inbox message and I can give you my email info thanks Mike

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